Veni ~ A before + after

Either I'm talking French, or I'm talking about my newly spruced up plastic deer.   Veni came to me last Thanksgiving when I was visiting my sister.   I stopped by the local thrift store, and Veni asked me to come home with me.  How could I say no to this plastic face?  So I packed her in my purse, after I properly paid of course, and we went for a little joy ride before she went under reconstructive surgery.

After a few coats of Valspar Island Orange, Veni is feeling quite pretty.



  1. She was cute before, but after she is WOW! Looks like she is very friendly and loves to travel. :)

    1. Thanks Jane! I must have not taken a very good before shot because she fugly!! China tramp stamp and all! But I'll let Veni know you think she's purty inside and out. She appreciates nice comments. :)

  2. News! News! News! I awarded your blog an award. Go check it out! http://mommyforreals.blogspot.com/2012/02/liebster-award.html

  3. Ooo love the pop of orange! That's a great color :)


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